This is my collection of programs I've written. They are all programmed in C. Some of them are useful, some are not. I haven't gotten into Windows programming yet, so they are all DOS based and non-graphical. Click on the icon to download the file. They are all under 90k, so they won't take too long to download.
This is a simple dice-roller program. You just tell it how many dice to roll.
This little doodle of a program draws a line down your screen that randomly moves around.
This is a generic score keeper. You can use it for card games or anything else.
This program will help you learn morse code. You can type some words and it will beep it back, or it can quiz you on what you know.
This program takes famous quotes and mixes them up to get new, perhaps funnier ones. You can add your own quotes to the lists if you want.